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Hótel Vatnajökull

Fosshotel is a leading hotel chain in Iceland and there they don't think small. In 2013 they opened a new hotel in Patreksfjörður and now in 2014 they opened a new luxury hotel just west of Höfn in Hornafjördur under the name Fosshotel Vatnajökull.

Employees of Rafeyri have woked night and day at both thees hotels. From the hometown of Rafeyri, Akureyri it is almost the same distance to both sites but that has not stopped us from delivering our part. Rúnar Héðinn Bollason has lead this operations for Rafeyri along with few other good employees of Rafeyri.
The new hotel is a luxury hotel with state of the art design and facilities and is Rafeyri very proud to have been a part of the adventure and wishes the new owners of the hotel all the best in filling the rooms with tourists in the future.