Connection insured in bad weather

Employees of Rafeyri have to work in various situations. They can not always choose calm and good weather to work in.

Among the works that were carried out in January were the installation of a new high-voltage capacitor farm at Rangárvellir connection station. To ensure their own safety, wokers had to use special safety equipment.

Eiríkur Geir Ragnarsson, an employee of Rafeyri, is a member of the local rescue squad and people in the rescue squads have to supply their own equipment and there Eiríkur is no exception and has in his posession alot of equipment. He used his own equpment to secure himself and other workers for the job.

As a member of the rescue squad Eiríkur and others are always available for anyone who needs rescue, anywhere and anytime. For that we thank.

On the following picture you can see Eiríkur up in a lift and when you need to stretch out from the lift, it is best to have safety first and use the best equipment.

Eríkur Geir in a lift