Techonlogy development fund supports Rafeyri and Raven

Technology Development Fund

In June, the board of the Technology Development Fund distributed grants to promote innovation in the Icelandic community.

The Icelandic Technology Development fund and AVS R&D Fund of Ministry of Fisheries in Iceland are two public funds that were contacted to support an inovation project named "Foam packaging with gas conservation technologies".

The former decided to support the project with half a grant but the later, AVS R&D, turned the project down. The Technology Development fund had planed to support the project and add on to the support supplied by the AVS R&D, as it fell more inline with the role of the Fund. Nevertheless, this will not affect further success of the project because Rafeyri and Raven strongly belive in the project and will continue to develop the project despite the turn down from AVS R&D.

The techonlogy is based on combinging two formerly known techniques. Foam containers (EPS) and modified atmosphere (MAP). By combing the two techniques and with carefull development and research, the positives of both should be combined and the negatives eliminated. Expected results are the prolonged freshness time of exported fish and other fresh products. That could then lead to a significant increse in fresh fish exports by sea, insted of by air, larger quantities and increased efficiency.

We thank the Technology Development Fund for the trust and support and we hope the outcome will benefit the whole Icelandic fish business, industry and exports.