Saga K sailed the ocean

{slimbox images/stories/saga_k_rett_fyrir_sjosetningu.jpg,images/stories/saga_k_rett_fyrir_sjosetningu_small.jpg,Saga K - Moments before launch} Seigla Ltd. delivered a new boat to it's owners on December 17. The name of the boat is Saga K and is owned and operated by Icelanders in Northern Norway. This is by far the largest boat that Seigla has built to this date and for example of the size is that he is 15 m long, with two generator engines, 1000 hp main engine and is overall a very well well equiped boat. Rafeyri handled all electrical work and installation of various systems on the boat. The facilities on board for crew and control are grand and are a great model for boats of the future. Saga-K will go on longline fishery in northen Norway.