A broken heart

Last February 25th was a article in the Morgunblaðið newspaper about there begin some arrhythmias problems in the heart of Akureyri, located opposite of town, in mountain Vaðlaheiði and the reason were heartache. We here at Rafeyri which own, operate and service the heart do not recognize these disorders, but the article sure is funny.

The article seems to have given people with heartache an idea of how it can let their feelings out so people can see. At present, some damage has been done to the heart that can not be fixed until next week. Although it costs us some work to fix it, it's fun work, outdoors and alot of exercise that we are not shy to.

We feel for all who are in a heartache or other subjective problems and hope that they will disappear when the heart starts to beat again in the mountain next week.


The heart opposite of Akureyri