Three new electricians

Recently three employees of Rafeyri got their journeyman certificates. Rafeyri congratulates them on this milestone in their lifes and wishes them all the best in their future endeavours.

Elvar Örn Hermannsson, Björn Guðmundsson and Kristján Valur Kristjánsson have long ago proven them selfs as dependable electricians but it is a necessity to get the certificate to be a illegible tradesman.

It is our conviction here at Rafeyri that theese men add to a already good group of electicians and we expect alot from them in the future and hope it will be good to them.

{slimbox images/stories/sveinar_large.jpg,images/stories/sveinar_small.jpg,Björn Guðmundsson - Kristján Valur and Elvar on a group meeting at Rafeyri March 2012}

Björn, Kristján Valur and Elvar in a group meeting at Rafeyri March 6. 2012.